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But what IS a lizard ghost?

On having a website

In short, I want at least one online presence persistent enough that I can find some friends.

See, I'm a privacy-focused sort of person. Social media sites always seem appealing at first (and I do find those sites interesting in themselves), but so many of them are either massive data farms or just not the kind of social experience I want. There's a certain pressure inherent in microblogging and tweeting to stay active, update, stay updated, harvest those likes - that doesn't fit me. Combine that with the stifling sameness of social media feeds and paint-by-number site hosts like WordPress, and it just gets old after a while. And then there's the constant data collection, which deserves more than a sentence of explanation on an aboutme.html page(short version: it's unnecessary at best and deeply exploitative at worst).

Honestly, I'm too young to have true nostalgia for the GeoCities aesthetic. I just like the idea of handcrafted personal sites and a Web made of ten million niches, and restarting my first Neocities website from scratch is my way of trying to contribute to that wonderfully sprawling world. Building a site as a home feels better than getting assigned a bland pre-fab apartment.

On being a lizard

I remade my site and forgot to think of a new name for myself/it before publishing, and "Lizghul" was the first name-like thing that popped into my head. I asked myself what the hell a "Lizghul" was and decided it sounded like a ghostly lizard. I got really excited about that idea and rolled with it only to lose that excitement not a month later. But hey, I made a character sheet.

I may or may not keep the image but I'll likely keep the name for the sake of not breaking links. Not that any other name would suit me better.

Lizghul's character sheet, built for The Window

Name: Lizghul the Lizard Ghost
Silver metallic lizardfolk spirit, male
Age: 24
Height: 5'4" (full)
Weight: looks 140 lb, is weightless
Silver scaly hide, green spinal fin reaching
from head to tail, glowing mint green eyes,
slender frame, often only materializes
upper half
After losing his mortality in a freak
accident while trying to revive the year
2006 with a Python script, Lizghul
now roams the Earth and the Internet as a
restless spirit in search of something
better to do.
He once didn't believe in ghosts, but has
since changed his tune to prevent
disbelieving himself out of existence.
His hobbies include gaming, reviving old
technology for his own amusement, looking
for other ghosts to talk to, and playing
tabletop RPGs.
Lizghul has:
Weak kinetic energy projection. (D20)
Above-average agility. (D10)
Excellent willpower. (D8)
Average general knowledge. (D12)
Good grasp on sanity. (D10)
Mundane powers of perception. (D12)
Typical luck. (D12)
Lizghul is:
A poor web designer. (D30)
A decent computer repairlizard. (D12)
An experienced gamer. (D10)
An expert copy editor. (D8)
An inexperienced spirit. (D30)
A competent clerk. (D12)
Lizghul carries:
A quartz pendant,
His laptop bag,
A multitip screwdriver, and
His old smartphone

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