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Lair of the Lizard Ghost

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Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

This is where I chose to put my digital home base of sorts. The linkbar will take you around the site.

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System Updates


Added the Computing page. Laid the CSS groundwork for in-textbox images, which will also go a long way towards making Media better. Gave the 404 page a navbar to make leaving the v o i d easier.


Put games on my shelves over in the Media section. Pending more content, that page is going to start looking like a long list of links to walls of text.


Animated the navbar, now in cinematic 30 FPS. No, it probably isn't a good use of 350KB. Also added more site links, including those that don't have banners (that I've found).


Added more site buttons. If you're following me on Neocities and you have a 88x31 banner/button, you should have a place in my Links section. Don't have one yet? Make one! (Or not, I'll add plaintext links soon.)


Changed the design entirely. To me, it looks easier on the eyes even if the color palette is sort of inconsistent. Still brainstorming new layout and design ideas since this is still seeming barebones.


Rebooted website with a Windows 9x Setup-like theme and empty boxes everywhere. Applied pseudoretro technokitsch as justification for mediocre web design.